Scuba diving

Scuba diving

Always wanted to venture beneath the Antarctic ice and discover the amazing world below, a world that only an intrepid and priviledged few have ever experienced for themselves. If this sounds like you then there are some truely amazing experiences to be had, in addition to venturing under the ice there is opportunities to dive with penguins and seals including the infamous Leopard Seal. There is also a beautiful diversity of invertebrates which are unique to the Antarctic. 

Generally the visibility is better early and late in the season as during the peak of summer there are large plankton blooms in Antarctica. For this reason diving expeditions are generally scheduled in October/November and March to ensure you experience the best visibility.

If you are considering an Antarctic diving experience we are heppy to discuss this with you further, you should always remember the following when considering and executing an Antarctic dive.

You need to be a very experienced diver!

These voyages are not for beginners, you'll have to be a very experienced diver and must be familiar with cold water diving and dry suit diving (at least 20 dives). Before departure you will have to show an internationally accepted diving certificate, diver's logbook and a statement from your doctor (not older than two years) stating that you are physically healthy to practice scuba diving.

Safety first!

Diving in Antarctic waters is no more dangerous than normal scuba diving as long as Safety is the always the highest priority!

There are no decompression chambers available in the Antarctic. Medical care in the Antarctic is basic and not to be relied upon, additionally there is hardly any infrastructure. Although there is always a doctor on board the vessel who is able to provide first aid assistance, you should not plan on requiring their services and plan the diving accordingly/

If the onboard dive master feels that the diver does not meet the necessary experience, they can decide to exclude the diver from the dive program (this decision will be made for your own safety). All divers are required to follow the instructions of the dive master and guides at all times. All participants are diving 100 % at their own risk, which is also the case while on land during the excursions.